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Little  German-English  Dictionary

Judging on the visitor statistics of this website, a lot of visitors are from all over the world, which means that the most of them don't understand the German language.
For all these people ist this page, where some of the important or often used German words are translated in English. I hope this little service helps a bit. smiley

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German  /  English
  =  updated, refreshed
  =  picture, image
Darsteller  =  performer, actor
deutsch, deutscher, deutsche  =  German
einfügen, eingefügt  =  insert, add / inserted, added
Fernsehen  =  televison
Forum  =  bulletin/message board
Fotogalerie  =  photo gallery
Gastauftritt  =  guest appearance
Kino  =  cinema / theater
Kinofilm  =  movie
klicke auf ...   =  click on
Menü, Menülink  =  menu, menu link
nächste, nächster  =  next
nach oben  =  to the top
neu  =  new
Regisseur  =  director

The spelling of calender dates in Germany

D = Day  /  M = Month  /  Y = Year

In the USA or the UK it's  MM.DD.YYYY
but in Germany we write  DD.MM.YYYY

Examples of the different German variants:
27. November 1956
27. Nov. 1956

Schauspieler  =  actor
Seite  =  page

Übersicht  (zurück zur Fotogalerie-Übersicht)
   =   overview  (back to the photo gallery overview)
vor, vorwärts  =  forward
weiter  =  forward
zu, zur  =  to
zurück  =  back